Why choose JSC Tan Son?
There's never been a better time to join the Tan Son?
Tan Son is one of the leading companies in Vietnam with the purpose of manufacturing and distribution of steel products bring potential. Tan Son contribute to solving some of the most important problems of the country as the rising demand for steel is increasing.
Tan Son Employees have a major impact on the interests of the business community across the country. All of us work in a culture that focuses on high cooperation, and benefit from training colleagues, develop and inspire you'd expect to find in a fast-growing company.

Career opportunities

A worthy place to work

Tan Son wants to recruit and retain talented staff to be achieved ambition and provided Tan Son Nhat Tan Son strategy.

Tan Son are looking for highly motivated people to work. To recognize the contributions of employees performing business Tan Son, Tan Son offers attractive conditions, great development opportunities and a stimulating work environment.

Environmental Tan Son ensure flexible and competitive suit market conditions in various locations across the country Tan Son. Tan Son reward employee performance of Tan Son. To deliver on the promise to implement the management system of Tan Son stressed the need to train and develop along with appraisal. Incentive awards program is based on company and individual performance indicators and supporting the national strategy of Tan Son and culture.